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Farm Sitting, Mason, MI

Farm Sitting

Farm Sitting

Lark Farms supports the community and the farmers and farms that make it thrive. But what does the farmer do when they need to leave town for a weekend or longer? We are here to care for your pets and property while you are away!  At Lark Farm, we specialize in Sheep, Horse, and Hobby Farm care, and of course, also love to work with families with all types of pets.

Animal sitting and hobby farm care

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As a Pet Owner, determining proper care for your animals is one of the most difficult parts of planning time away. Somebody has to watch the farm. Who is capable? Who is available?  Is a week of care too much to ask of a friend or neighbor? What if there is an emergency? This is where Lark Farm is your solution.  We will work with you to ensure excellent service and care of your animals and property. Providing single trips, multiple trips, and overnight options, getting away has never been so easy!

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Animal care like no other

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Lark Farm is a locally owned and operated animal sitting service, providing care for dogs, cats, horses, and animals of all types. We understand the needs of busy families with pets. Whether your residence is a Farm, a Ranch, a Zoo, or simply a Home, we are here to take care of your pets and property through a variety of convenient services.

Lark Farm offers farm sitting services and specializes in Sheep, Horses, and Hobby Farms, and is willing to meet any of your animals, great and small.

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Animal checks and overnight care

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We’re all on the move.  Whether it’s your 8-5 job or a weekend full of activities, our furry friends are enduring our busy schedules too. Give them a break! an animal check stimulates the brain and body, breaking up long days and providing companionship for their comfort, and your peace of mind. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rates are available.

We bring organic produce, nutritious eggs, cozy wool,
and hand-crafted Farm products fresh from
our own family farm.

Contact us today for more information at (906) 231-7221!