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In today’s world, more and more people are becoming interested in small-scale agriculture and sustainable farming practices. Whether they dream of living off-grid, becoming a homesteader, or just raising some chickens for eggs, the desire to get back to our roots as farmers is a growing trend. At Lark Farm, our passion is to teach others how to begin and maintain these time-honored farming practices as well as teaching them how to knit, teach crochet, and make their own clothing.


We offer weekly workshops for beginner and intermediate fiber artists and gardeners.

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For those wanting a more immersive experience, try our course, “Wool: From Shearing to Wearing.” This course begins in the spring and will allow you to participate in the entire process of garment creation, beginning with the fundamentals of sheep shearing and wool processing, through spinning and dyeing yarn, and finally to creating a final knit or crochet project.

Farm Tours​

Visit us to meet our animals and see how we do what we do.

We bring organic produce, nutritious eggs, cozy wool,
and hand-crafted Farm products fresh from
our own family farm.

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