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In addition, we offer opportunities for hands-on education about small-scale, sustainable farming practices and fiber arts. Many people, particularly in urban areas, lack sources of affordable organic goods, as well as opportunities for observing firsthand just where and how those goods are produced. That is the driving force for Lark Farm, to provide quality, naturally grown products along with educating those interested in homesteading or just simply growing more fresh vegetables for their family.


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Good nutrition is our mission.
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About Us

Lark Farm got its start as a dream in the summer of 2000, when Amy was working part-time at the Toledo Zoo. As an employee of the petting zoo, she became responsible for the sheep. She fell in love with those animals and promised to have sheep of her own one day. Now that the Farm is a reality, it is our mission to provide fresh, organic goods to the community. In addition, we hope to provide opportunities for people to observe and participate in the daily operations of a small, family-owned farm.

Dr. Amy Lark is the owner and operator of Lark Farm.

She holds degrees in biological sciences (BS, Oakland University) and zoology (MS, Michigan State University), as well as education (PhD, MSU). After working as a university professor in Science Education for a number of years, Amy decided instead to pursue her dream of owning a small farm and homestead. Education is still a large part of her mission, and so Lark Farm offers a wide range of opportunities for community involvement.

Delighting organic food enthusiasts

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The Four Pillars of Lark Farm
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Farm fresh eggs from our small mixed flock of free-range chickens are perfect for your farm-fresh breakfasts, baked goods, and more.

Quality, soft wool sheared from our Merino sheep is the cornerstone of our small family farm.

Our vegetables are grown the old-fashioned way, without pesticides or chemicals. From tomatoes to peppers, we bring nutritious and delicious produce to your table.

We create and sell high-quality handmade knitted and crochet goods from the materials produced here on our farm and so much more!

We bring organic produce, nutritious eggs, cozy wool,
and hand-crafted products fresh from
our own family to yours.

Contact us today for more information at (906) 231-7221!

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